Summer Express

Summer Express

Price : 1560 Egp
Category : Cleanse
Duration : 5 weeks

Has the quarantine totally killed your summer body that you were working so hard at achieving?

Interested in getting back to shape ASAP?

Are you the sort of person that loves to try new things?

Then this is the package for you

A combination of tried and tested ways to get the results that you are dreaming of.

Ready to join the tribe?

Let’s do this!

Features :

  • Five weeks of intense back to back plans which change every 7 days with an online consultation on Zoom.
  • Your body will get the chance to experience a certain type of intermittent fasting.
  • Two cleanse menus will be done twice during the five weeks with easy to do recipes.
  • Join the summer express tribe group on Facebook and WhatsApp for support
  • Live support twice weekly on WhatsApp to answer all your questions

Benefits :

  • Guaranteed boast to your energy levels.
  • Weight loss between 5-10 kilos.
  • Improves immunity
  • Improves skin
  • Helps to promote hydration
  • Guaranteed decrease in sugar and coffee cravings
  • Helps improves sleep.

Requirements :

  • Medical history
  • Lab tests
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