Price : 2340 Egp
Category : Life Style
Duration : 6 weeks

We know you don’t have a free second to yourself these days and you probably don’t even have time to read this intro! But we promise: We’ll make it worth your while!

It’s time to take care of YOU!

You need to eat healthy and exercise so you can increase your energy level as well and get back to the shape you desire.

let’s start today!

Features :

  • 6 weeks of healthy meal plan and easy to do recipes and bi-weekly online consultation on zoom .
  • Support through our Facebook group
  • Live answers to your questions (answering any of your questions, and support while breastfeeding) through our WhatsApp group twice per week.
  • Easy quick recipes and snacks
  • Advice about meal prepping

Benefits :

  • Losing weight and getting your energy back
  • Better sleep
  • Avoiding unhealthy meals
  • Learning new habits and letting go of harmful habits
  • Toning from exercise
  • Support and feeling like part of a community

Requirements :

  • Initial Lab tests
  • Commitment and motivation through our bi-weekly calls and weekly emails
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