Clean And Lean

Clean And Lean

Price : 1560 Egp
Category : Cleanse
Duration : 8 weeks

Are you trying to figure out what ‘clean eating’ is?

Do you want to learn about and incorporate ‘healthy ingredients’ in your cooking?

Are you confused about organic and non-GMO food?

Do you want to improve your overall habits?

Then the ‘Clean and Lean’ program is for you.

Features :

  • Five weeks of healthy meal plans and two 60-minute online consultation on Zoom and questions through email,
  • 25 recipes which include healthy baking
  • Grocery list
  • Cutting out white flour, sugar and dairy products
  • Joining a ‘Clean and Lean’ support group
  • Live support on WhatsApp twice weekly

Benefits :

  • Education about the best nutrition
  • Learning new and healthy recipes
  • Losing weight while eating healthy and nutritious meals
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